Love without Exception

Forgive me if I leave discussion of anything purely acting or Aspergers Syndrome related for this entry.  I suppose I want to talk a little bit about my personal philosophy, which also influences my acting and how I live my life in general: love without exception.  For me, to love someone or something without exception means to be impartial.  It means, despite any personal grievances or frustrations, I endeavor to give everyone not just the benefit of the doubt, but also empathy.  I try to love others as I want to be loved, not necessarily how I am loved.

Now, obviously, I do not always succeed at this life philosophy.  Often, I fail quite miserably to treat everyone with love and respect.  But when I fail to uphold this philosophy, I remind myself that with or without Aspergers syndrome, I am only human.  No matter how much I set my mind to a task or how committed I am, some things are not humanly possible all the time.  I am comforted, however, to also remind myself that it is the attempt, the effort of trying to love without exception that is what makes me truly human, and what makes all humanity such a beautiful part of life.  We all fail.  And life fails us.  We are constantly disappointed, our expectations are not well-received by our realities, and there can be so much pain in the world.  But to increase this pain by lashing out at others with animosity does no good for the human spirit, yours or theirs.  To love one another as you would like to be loved is a far more difficult act, but it also an act that ultimately makes this world a better place.

It sound so simple really, but it’s amazing how often a person will go throughout their day without sharing the warmth of a happy moment with another or risk something by creating a happy moment.  How much effort is it to help another human?  Generosity of spirit goes a long way, and regardless of whether or not one believes in karma, I believe that those who do good for others are repaid in kind within their hearts.  And I personally have been repaid so many times over: I have, I truly believe, some of the best friends in the world.  I have friends who I know would (and have) sacrificed so much for me, who have been there for me during dark times, who laugh and cry with me and bring joy to my heart.  If I can endeavor to treat all with love, how much more special is that love with those so close to me?  It is truly precious, immeasurably uplifting and fulfilling.  I am blessed.

~ by Ross on September 1, 2009.

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