The World Cracks Open for Those Willing to Take a Risk

I saw that graffitied on a board while I was walking across campus earlier today.  I wasn’t sure if it was someone’s original thought, or if it had been written by someone else (a quick Google search suggests it might be attributed to writer Frances Mayes, perhaps most famous for her memoir Under the Tuscan Sun which was later adapted into a film).  Regardless of who said, thought it, or felt inspired to write it, I was very happy to see the quote.  It resonated with me instantly.  Looking on it now, it almost seems silly, but at the time I felt one of those wonderful little buzzy feelings.  Do you have those?  The ones where you feel like you’ve stumbled upon something quite important and you should probably write it down lest you forget it?

Well I’m writing it down.

I think, maybe, I had this little buzzy feeling because the image of the world cracking open like some kind of ripe coconut filled with pinata candy made me feel hope.  It’s almost indescribable for me, but I’ll try my best.  It’s like this: I wake up some mornings and think “Wow, if I wanted to I could drive to New York today.  If I wanted to do, I could go out and buy $200 worth of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  If I really wanted to, I could sit down and write an entire novel.  Learn to dance.  Learn to cook (properly).  Memorize twenty monologues.”  And the list goes on.  All of that is WITHIN my power.  My potential energy is sufficient to accomplish all of that.  Now of course, some of the things on that list would make no logical sense.  But it doesn’t matter.  Sometimes, it’s best not to categorize what YOU are capable of logically.  Because it’s amazing how many barriers you can put in your own way.

Some mornings, when I wake up, I am completely conscious of the present moment, and I think to myself: “You are fully capable of doing something incredible with your life.  But no one is going to do it for you.”  And then I go back to my merry business, ignoring the big possibilities, losing myself in the mundane, scared of my own potential for success (it’s that success word again!)

So to go back to that original quote, why did I find it so inspiring?  Because it reaffirmed in my mind the notion that anything is possible for those who risk.  Tomorrow, I might just decide to take the hard route instead of the easy route, and see where it lands me.  I may push myself in something totally trivial, like writing down at least 5 positive experiences that day, or I might even engage something ambitious, like beginning training to run a marathon.  My point is merely that the best actor in the world, the best athlete in the world, the richest person in the world, the most influential philanthropist, the most holy teacher, would be nothing, nothing at all in the grand scheme of the universe, if they had not woken up one morning and decided, “This is the day that has been given to me, and it is up to me to make the most of it.”

The world cracks open for those willing to take a risk.  Take a risk.  Enjoy the milk of sweet success.

~ by Ross on September 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “The World Cracks Open for Those Willing to Take a Risk”

  1. Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!


  2. Thank you! 🙂


  3. How did the tree stump go? 🙂


  4. Very well! It served as excellent firewood and I suffered minimal splinters.


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