Stand. Gather. Deliver.

Some thoughts for the actor upon entering the performance space:

1) Stand.  Don’t sit, crouch, hide, or otherwise distort or minimalize your presence.  Own the space.  Adapt your needs to its requirements.  Be sincere, but command attention by standing firmly with strength of purpose.

2) Gather. Don’t create.  Don’t try and build things that are far away.  Pick things up in the room and suit them to your context.  Instead of envisioning a space, use the space you already have to give you clarity of vision.

3) Deliver.  Don’t blurt, stumble, or apologize.  No beginning said with strength of purpose or clarity of vision is bad.  Let the words flow off your tongue like a waterfall, not fall like hastily-maneuvered Tetris blocks.  Let the body lead the words, let the words speak for themselves, and don’t ever second guess the choice you made in the moment – because the greatest moments in theatre are frequently accidental.

Give this a quick review in your mind before an audition.  I think it might help.

~ by Ross on December 10, 2009.

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